How would you like a professionally designed website hosted for less than €1 per week?

This website is designed to guide those who wish to have a website installed designed and hosted by KelticKnight. If you have the “expertise” and time to install your own CMS and develop your own website you can purchase a Hosting Package  for €70 per Year Here. 

What we offer:

  • Unlimited disk space, you will never be asked to pay for more.
  • Up to 50 email addresses ( eg:
  • We install your content management system for you, which you can edit.
  • We will design your site to a professional standard from as little as €75

In short you can have a website up and running for €125, design and hosting for the first year, then €50 per year after that, NO HIDDEN COSTS

You control all the content of your site. KelticKnight will manage the back-end files and backups of your site.

Our Advanced Domain Manager provides you with full control over you domains, giving you the opportunity to change the following settings according to your needs:
Full WHOIS Control & WHOIS ID Protection (NEW)

Check if your Domain is available below.

You can purchase it straight away.
After you purchase your domain you can contact us

When you have secured your domain name, we will contact you about your design needs. This site represents what you would expect to get for our min price of €125, remember that includes your first years Hosting !!!


Choosing your domain name (web address)

Before you start searching for a suitable domain name to register, you should first figure out whether you need the name for a new or already existing site, or you want to protect your trademark or brand, or make a profit from selling the domain name later.

You should keep in mind that domain names cannot exceed 67 characters, including the top level part of the domain name (* TLD).

Although you can use alphanumeric characters and hyphens, domain names cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Spaces are not permitted as well.

Registration agreement